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When ordering awning parts, it is important to have the name of the awning manufacturer and model number ready in order for us to assist you.
The model number can be found on a small plate on the roller; simply unroll your awning completely to locate it. 
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Once we have the necessary information, we can provide you with whatever you need to restore your awning to working order. Some awning accessories are universal but most components are make and model-specific.

We do not carry awning fabrics or complete awnings.

Awning Accessories

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3314067004BWhite Bottom Bracket Assembly For Dometic Awnings
3314067004UBlack Bottom Bracket Assembly For Dometic Awnings
3314069000BWhite Lift Handle Kit For Dometic Awnings
3310811.009MDie-Cast Metallic Foot For Dometic Awnings
830472P002Slider Catch Assembly For Dometic Awnings
830463PSlider Assembly For Dometic Awnings
930008Adjustment Knobs For Dometic Awnings
940001Pull Strap For Dometic Awnings
83015210246” Pull Rod For Dometic Awnings
3309974005BSecondary Rafter Arm, 32″L, Polar White
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Dometic Awning Parts & Accessories

830644Lift Handle Kit, Metallic Silver
3314069000BLift Hand Kit, White
3314067004BBottom Bracket Kit, Polar White
3314067004UBottom Bracket Kit, Black
3310811.009MAwning slider catch with Springs
830463PAwning Arm Slider
930008Travel Knobs (Pack of 2)
940001Awning Pull Strap
3309974005BSecondary Rafter Arm Kit, 32”Length, Polar White
3309974008BSecondary Rafter Arm Kit, 44” Length, Polar White
3105278126Travel Latch Sunchaser (1-PC)
3310423209BPower Awning Drive Assembly, Polar White
3310423209UPower Awning Drive Assembly, Black
3108399035BAwning Torsion Assy, Fits Dometic/A&E 8500, 9000 Series
3310455062Control  Switch for 9100 Power Awning
83015210246” Gray Awning Pull Rod
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Carefree Parts & Accessories

00-5015Lift Handle for Spirit, Fiesta & Pioneer Awnings, Black
00-5017Lift Handle for Spirit, Fiesta & Pioneer Awnings, White
00-4002Auto Awning Support, White
00-4000Auto Awning Support, Black
00-5056Remote Lock Replacement kit, Spirit/Fiesta Universal Hardware, White
00-5055Remote Lock Replacement kit, Spirit/Fiesta, Universal Hardware, Black
00-5011Pull Strap for Roll-up Travel Awnings
00-5119Awning Arm Safety Straps
CFTAJVAPCompass Awning Arms, Black
M-R00731Spring Assy, Left Hand Side, Replacement for Slide Out Cover II Awning
00-4400Rafter Sliders for Spirit/Fiesta, 1997 & Newer Models
00-4410Rafter Sliders for Spirit/Fiesta, Pre 1997 Models
00-5019Storage Locks for Spirit/Fiesta, Black
00-5021Storage Locks for Spirit/Fiesta, White
R001657Flipper Latch Kit, Orange
00-5032Brace Knob with Clamp, Spirit/Fiesta/Pioneer/Simplicity Awnings, Pair
00-5010Locking Knobs for Carefree Rafters, Pair
00-5031Locking Knobs for Carefree Roll-up Awnings, Fits ’96 Models and older, Pair
00-5022Top Bracket for Spirit/Fiesta & Pioneer Awnings, Black
00-5024Top Bracket for Spirit/Fiesta & Pioneer Awnings, White
00-5025Bottom Bracket for Spirit/Fiesta & Pioneer Awnings, Black
00-5027Bottom Bracket for Spirit/Fiesta & Pioneer Awnings, White
00-5028Carport Foot, for Spirit/Fiesta & Pioneer Awnings, Black
00-5030Carport Foot, for Spirit/Fiesta & Pioneer Awnings, White
M-R001326BLKTravel’R 12v Wall Mount Awning Motor, Black
M-R001326WHTTravel’R 12v Wall Mount Awning Motor, White
M-R001328BLKTravel’R Awning Motor cover, Black
M-R001328WHTTravel’R Awning Motor cover, White
rv awnings

Non Manufacturer-Specific Accessories

00-7003Awning Tie Down, Fits Up 20 25’ Awnings
TPLRE3848AwningRepair Tape, 3”X15’ Roll
C42005Permanent Awning Roller
00-5030Carport Foot With Rivets, White
00-5119Safety Arm Straps
01-0011Carpet Anchors, Pack Of 4, White
00-70557” Awning Spring
00-5220AwningDeflappers, Universal Fit, Set Of 2
00-5120AwningSaver Clamps, White
A30-0625VPMini LED Rope, 16’Lx 1/4″ Dia., 12v 4w Power Adapter, 9′ Lead Wire
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